Khaprail tiles were originated to prevent the ceiling from hot weather effects, Khaprail tiles are used Globally because of their effectiveness. Roof clay tiles in Pakistan were first made under the administration of Kagan Bricks, later in the private sector. There are several benefits to installing clay Khaprail tiles on the roof. The first is to protect the roof from the sun, the second is to beautify decoration the roof with different designs. In Pakistan, tiles are made in different sizes, small and large size and medium size.

Over time, its strength, the PSI, has also been seen as important to Khaprail, as homes in Pakistan are built for the long time. local khaprail are best choice cheap and durable for Pakistani weather but if you want export quality roof tiles in Pakistan so, please not see cost of khaprail tiles see quality of clay, you can apply different types and verious color combinations on sloppy roof clay tiles. clay tiles are useful for front wall alvation and also for flooring, have many shapes in mud tiles in latest design, clay roof tiles is basically art of Europe and founder also, roof clay tiles for Asian concrete roof are must because temperature of weather very high in Asia. Khaprail tiles are basically roof tiles as they reflect back the harsh sun rays and thus, keep the internal atmosphere neutral. In Pakistan, khaprail tiles are used to tackle extreme weather conditions as the clay is processed to nullify hot weather. Khaprail tiles are also made with concrete material but, it loses its effectiveness for heat prevention.


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Heat Prevention:

Khaprail tiles are manufactured with clay that nullifies harmful sun rays.

Beautifies the space:

Khaprail tiles are made in different designs and pleasing textures that add beauty to any space under consideration.


Khaprail is a synonym of 'building a roof' in urdu language. As it is made with clay, Khaprail tiles are functional for using on roof.

Khaprail ٹائل is a synonym of 'building a roof' in urdu language” چھت بنانا “As it is made with clay, Khaprail tiles are functional for using on roof.


Khaprail is made with different materials like clay, PVC, wood, concrete, etc but, the durable Khaprail is the one that is made by clay through a tough heating process to ensure long life and enhances the beauty of the space. At Khaprail, we research the constituents of clay and through a detailed procedure, come up with the best product. We manufacture and supply the tiles that not only serve the purpose but also beautify the area. Our manufacture clay tiles are heat retentive and insulating, thus protects your residential and commercial building from extreme hot weather.