How to Compare Khaprail and Clay Tile Prices in Pakistan

Do your building requires a roof finish? Or are you planning to upgrade the roof of your home? Despite the reasons, you are going to need roofing tiles. Doing a good chunk of research to get the quality you deserve and the pricing that won’t break your bank is important at this stage.

At this point, the first thing you’ll need to consider is the type of tiles that would work well for your project. Also, your new roofing has to be aesthetically pleasing with the design and give more flexibility in choice.

Why Khaprail Clay Tiles are Important for Construction?

Usually, we consider the foundation as the most important part of a house. However, the roof of a building or house is equally important in the structure. It is crucial to smartly select a roofing material that does the job perfectly and is also made of the right material.

Khaprail Clay tiles are known for aesthetically roofing that provides security, long-term saving, and requires little to no maintenance. It is a functional material protects the exterior of home.

Additionally, there is a lot more to find best deals on khaprail than that. Once you have the general idea of what your roof looks like, you can start looking at your options.

Benefits of Khaprail Clay Roof Tiles

  • Low water absorption rate
  • More lightweight than others
  • Needs less maintenance
  • Clay is a natural material that can hold its color and properties for longest period
  • It is more long-lasting. It has the ability to last over 100 years.

What Effects the Pricing of Khaprail Clay Tiles?

The only thing that you should go for while selecting your roof clay tiles is the quality. However, it’s not easy to understand as the market is filled with fake and low-quality products. To get the best quality, you should consider the following characteristics while opting for your roof clay tiles;

  • It has to be free from cracks and flaws
  • The shape and size has to be accurate
  • The texture has to be uniform
  • Must be highly durable
  • The water absorption should be less than 15%

The comparison of prices should be based strictly on above-mentioned properties.

Do Research to Compare Khaprail and Clay Tiles You are Going to Use

Now that you understood what to check in your clay tiles, take a glimpse at various brands that offer roofing tiles. You’d need to check customer reviews to understand the quality and service they offer. While this can be a useful tactic, you’d still have limitations on this when you are researching the reputation of products made to last for more than a decade.

Due to this, you should check the sales sites for the professional brands to find out which one’s installation teams prefer the most. These folks, for the sake of keeping their repo upright, provide a realistic demo for the less expensive and lower quality brands. You should read between the lines to fathom everything that is implicit in product descriptions.

Prices of Clay Roof Tiles in Pakistan

The cost of clay tiles excluding the installation costs is generally $50-$100 per square. The single square is similar to 100 square feet.

Talk to your contractor about the roofing supply and khaprail that you are considering. Discuss your color preferences to determine which clay tile style will be best for your home. Conversing with your contractor can help you determine the cost of parts and labor. Also, get a second and third opinion by contacting two or three contractors for written estimates. This will help you ensuring that you are getting the best prices that you can.